Advanced Registry Optimizer 2010

Get top PC performance results. Clean and fix* your PC registry problems now!

Keep your PC operating smoothly by using Advanced Registry Optimizer 2010 to scan, identify, clean and repair errors in your Windows registry with a single click. Advanced Registry Optimizer cleans and repairs unwanted debris left behind by adware and spyware. This top-rated registry tool is extremely powerful, yet easy to use, and will keep your computer operating in "like new" fashion. Advanced Registry Optimizer uses its advanced technology to scan more than 10 important parts of the registry. It can identify and correct errors that can slow your system down, behave erratically, crash or hang. For maximum safety, Advanced Registry Optimizer includes Backup and Undo functionality for any change. Advanced users can have the ability to select which parts of the registry to operate on.

New in ARO 2010 is the ability to truly tweak Windows for improved PC performance. We have included a set of specific registry tweaks that allow you the ability to improve startup times, application performance and general PC performance during normal use. While overall improvement may vary, users who are constantly managing large amounts of media such as pictures, music or movies could see the biggest improvement. Here are the tweaks that we have included in ARO 2010 which we believe will have the biggest impact for you:

  • Improve NTFS performance
    The time stamps for "last accessed" files and folders are updated by Windows on a regular basis and this can consume vital processor cycles. Checking this tweak can help improve performance on NTFS system, as this disables the time stamp activity. Users who have large quantities of media such as pictures and music on their PC will find this tweak extremely useful as those files tend to be used and updated more often.

  • Improve Core Operating System Kernel Performance
    Drivers that are seldom used and additional system code are normally stored in the physical RAM on a users' PC. By default Windows is limiting the performance of applications by reducing the amount of physical memory available for use. By optimizing kernel performance your PC will now store this unused information on the disk when it is not being used.

  • Increase CPU Priority
    It is the Windows default to evenly split CPU priority among applications. To improve application performance you can use this tweak to give priority to the application you are actively using.

  • Increase maximum CPU threads
    When the system load is high the amount of CPU threads is limited by Windows. Utilizing this tweak increases the maximum thread count and helps improve PC performance during peak usage.

  • Speed Up windows startup
    Normally Windows startup files are spread out across your hard-disk which increases the amount of time it takes the PC to read them in order for Windows to startup. By moving all of the startup files into a contiguous cluster on your hard-disk you’ll decrease the time it takes Windows to startup.

*Trial version fixes 20 errors only.

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Key Features and Benefits include:

Advanced Registry Optimizer deep-scans 12 broad categories:

  • Active X OLE COM Sections
  • User Software Settings
  • System Software Settings
  • Shared DLL's Section
  • Fonts Section
  • Invalid File Associations
  • Run Sections
  • Sound and Applets
  • Uninstall Section
  • Help Section
  • Virtual Device Drivers and Services
  • Application Paths Section

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For your convenience, Advanced Registry Optimizer will remind you once a week of why you should upgrade to the full version and offers you the opportunity to do so. To remove Advanced Registry Optimizer, simply use the uninstall functionality.

Version: 2010

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Works on both 32 & 64 bit OS

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